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Wedding days are very special and generally the most important and happiest day of anyone's life. Major parts of this day are the friends and family you invite. One way to ensure that your guests arrive at your wedding feeling happy & relaxed and ready to enjoy your special occasion is to provide coach transport from a convenient central meeting point to and from the church, registry office, wedding venue or hotel and then back again at midnight. The advantages are numerous: everyone arrives in the right place at the right time. No one gets lost. Parking is not a problem. Drink-driving is avoided and there is invariably a happy, party atmosphere amongst the passengers. Its comfort and convenience all the way there and of course, all the way back.

Think about your guests

Think about the situation from your guests' perspective. It's no fun turning up at a remote country church in the middle of nowhere and discovering there's only parking for five cars! Town centres, with treacherous one way systems and draconian parking restrictions can be even worse. Opportunistic car clampers and over-zealous traffic wardens can also be a problem. Anything you can do to alleviate these difficulties will make your guests feel a lot happier.

Advantages of hiring a coach for your wedding:

By choosing your central meeting point carefully - near a railway station with a public car park, for example - you can make your wedding easily accessible not only to car drivers, but also to guests who don't own cars, or guests who wisely choose not to drink and drive.

Making the arrangements?

How you organise your coach transfers is up to you. It could be a single coach making one round trip from meeting point to wedding service to reception and back to meeting point. Or it could be several coaches operating a shuttle service, offering additional flexibility for your guests. You could have one meeting point or several, to cater for guests coming from different areas. You might want a separate coach for the wedding party. There are many possibilities. The best way to decide if you want coach transfers is to get all the facts and figures first.

We'll be very happy to discuss all the possibilities with you and - most importantly - tell you how much it will cost. If you've never hired a coach before don't worry, we'll help you with the planning and take care of all the details to ensure that your wedding day is the happiest day of your life.

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